Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Henry R Scovill of Ypsilanti, Michigan

This is Henry Roswell Scovill.  It goes from me, to my dad -- Donald Duane Drake -- to his mother -- Ruth Henrietta Scovill -- to HER father -- William Henry Scovill to this gentleman.  I have not spent much time studying him because I always figured there would be plenty of time, and come on, let's be serious, what's up with that crazy mustache?

But as I write this I am close to tears.  I never realized it before, but those are the eyes of my father.  Dark, deep set with smudges under them, that can get really dark when tired.  He has a very round head and quite a broad jaw.  My brothers, Dob Jr. and Mike Drake, have very round heads, as does my daughter, Jessi and Mike Drake's boy -- Mike Drake.  We've been known to call that a bullet head.

 And there is that nose!  I was the only one in the family to end up with that schnoz.  I never cared to much because it was just like my dad's.  He once told me that I had a Roman nose, and I thought that was pretty great because I thought Italians were beautiful.  And then he hit me with the punch line "It roams all over your face!" As if he could talk.  My daughter Nicole has that nose, and I'm pretty sure that her daughter has that nose as well.

Here's a picture of Donald Duane Drake.  What do you think?  Do you see the resemblance?

Apparently, Henry R. Scovill was a pretty big deal in Ypsilanti.  He was a lumberman as well as a residential builder and some of his houses are still standing.  I'll cover that next time.

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